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Drunken Fish | Central West End, St. Louis, MO

You should know by now that I love sushi. Drunken Fish has been a go-to sushi stop of mine since I went gluten free. There is such a great atmosphere and I always feel safe eating there. Pictured below is my normal order: edamame and a Philadelphia roll with rice paper. And of course they have gluten free soy sauce, a must-have if I’m going to go out for sushi. They also have a super fun drink menu. I always love trying out new cocktails when I am there. They have quite an expansive menu to choose from, take a peak at it here. There are several locations in the St. Louis area. The one I normally go to is the Central West End location but I think my boyfriend and I are going to start exploring some of the other locations too! What’s your favorite type of sushi roll? Advertisements

Shichi (Seven) Sushi Bar | Belleville, IL

Sushi is a relatively new food for me. The first time I tried sushi was sophomore year at my sorority house and I literally cried I hated it so much. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way from sorority house sushi and crying. I’ve slowly been working my way into the sushi world since then. My boyfriend and I had a few favorite sushi restaurants in Champaign-Urbana, IL and we are on the hunt to find new favorites here in the greater STL area. Belleville, IL is town located about 15 miles east of St. Louis. It’s a great town and just so happens to be where I grew up. The downtown area, in recent years, has exploded with awesome restaurants, bars, and shops. A favorite of mine is Seven. It’s technically two different restaurants, Seven and Shichi Sushi Bar but you can order off of either menu at both places. I’ve tried their sushi twice and didn’t have a single issue. They staff seems well informed about gluten and the medical necessity …