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Quick Detour to the World of Cruelty Free

I have been slowly making my way through all my existing beauty products and replacing them with cruelty free products and I am looking for some suggestions on different brands. Listed below are a few of the items I have found that I love but I am looking for a face lotion with SPF, sunscreen, deodorant, and face wash plus any other products you love!  And of course, these are all gluten free. Soapbox Shampoo & Conditioner BeautiControl Makeup I use a lot of their products (my mom sells for them) from foundations to brow pencils. E.L.F. Cosmetics I would have to do an entire post to tell you all the ELF products I own. They have amazing products for really low prices. CeraVe I just their moisturized cream and their renewing SA cream for my eczema. Has anyone used this AM facial moisturized lotion or sunscreens? Another plus: they have $2 off coupons on their website! Advertisements