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My name is Hayley and I’m a 24 year old recent Master’s graduate living in the St. Louis area. However, my story begins smack dab in the middle of my undergraduate career at the University of Illinois. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in July of 2013. Since then I have been learning, living, and growing with my gluten free lifestyle. I know how difficult maintaining a social life can be when your life is severely limited by what you can eat and drink. This blog is dedicated to my journey of overcoming the anxiety and hardships that come with having to be gluten free and exploring amazing (and maybe not so amazing) restaurants, recipes, products, and more. Follow me on my journey to maintain the life I want to live while also maintaining my health.
If you’d like to know more check out my first blog post or find me on social media!


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4 Replies to “About”

  1. I wish you best of luck in everything! Last year my 12 year daughter was diagnosed with CD and I am also learning how to keep her diet healthy and interesting, Things are different in Pakistan; gf lifestyle ain’t that common, dining out is difficult.

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  2. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease when I was 23, after nearly two years of awful symptoms. I am currently 6 months gluten free and still learning! I especially like meeting young people who know what it is like since its not too often you see younger people with the disease. I hope you find what I post to be interesting/helpful and please do provide feedback when appropriate! Thanks, again.

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