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Gluten Free Alcohol

Let me just start by saying that there is much debate about if certain types of alcohol are gluten free or not. I don’t have time for that shiz so I stick to what I drink and you do you boo (or course only if you are of legal drinking age).

Here is what I am drinking right now:

1. Dry White Wine – usually Trader Joe’s 2 buck chuck Sauvignon Blanc because I’m ballin’ on a Social Worker’s budget.



2. Hard Seltzer – Here are my favorites in order

Truly: Grapefruit & Pomelo (if you get the multi-flavor pack you may have to mix the lemon & yuzu one with tea/sprite/flavored vodka like I do because I think they are nasty on their own; the rest of the flavors are good)


White Claw: Ruby Grapefruit / lime flavors are my favorite. Black Cherry and Raspberry aren’t my favorite. I think they are too sweet for a seltzer and I drink seltzer to get away from the sweetness of Cider





3. Hard CiderAce Pear and all of Seattle Cider Co.‘s normal ciders are my go-tos. BUT I hate Ace Pineapple and some of the seasonal Seattle’s can get too funky for my liking. I have no brand loyalty… I will praise one of your products and shit on the others.


4. A whole bunch of tequila to make you forget that you have a chronic illness. Kidding but seriously, love me a good homemade margarita. Especially from Mission Taco Joint.


What are your favorite alcoholic drinks? Throw them in the comments!



  1. Tabitha says

    Thanks for this list! I have a few events coming up and was stressing about options available. I will need to try white claw! Looks great! Right now my go to is red wine. And honestly…I’m a little tired of it (gasp!). Haha!


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