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Best of 2017

As I reflect on the past year, I have to admit that I did not accomplish all my health goals for the year. However, if you read my New Year’s Eve post from last year, I am happy to say that I am in a way better place than I was last year (thankfully). I have some incredible things planned for 2018 and I hope you stick with me to see them out. Below are just a few of my favorite things from this year, I could write you a novel on all the great things I experienced this year but no one wants to read that. Make sure to answer the poll at the end!

Places to find Recipes (I tend to adapt any recipe to be gluten free instead of looking for already gluten free recipes, FYI)

  • SkinnyTaste – Gina is my idol. I have one of her cookbooks and am constantly scrolling through her webpage
  • AllRecipe App – Dinner. Spinner. Need I say more? Always check the comments for tips from users who have made the recipe already.

St. Louis Restaurants

  • Lona’s Lil Eats –  You are not a true TSC fan if you haven’t heard me talk endlessly about Lona’s
  • Corner Pub & Grill – This is my go-to comfort food place for some good old-fashioned fried bar food. Sam and I went here for dinner last night.
  • Check out my list of gf restaurants here

Condiments (important)

  • Trader Joe’s sriracha ranch – put that shit on everything.
  • Cholula Hot sauce – still waiting for that sponsorship.

Gluten Free Instagram Ladies

Check out my Instagram story highlight for some of my favorite gf gals that you should definitely follow.

Not gluten free favs 

Instagram: (of dogs because what else would you want to look at)

  • @sometimescarl – Chase’s mom is the wonderful person behind @gfreeblondie, too!
  • @lilybug_lpb – This is Chase’s bff. If I am ever in NYC, I’ll probs stalk them both for kisses and hugs.

Cruelty-Free Products: 

  • Soap & Glory – I am seriously obsessed with this brand. You can get it at Ulta, Target, Walgreens, etc. I LOVE everything I try. The products I use regularly are their Thick & Fast Mascara, Archery 2-in-1 Brow Crayon Gel, Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks, and the Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash.
  • Lush – Need I say more? I have really been loving the Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask.

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