Month: July 2017

New Day Gluten Free, Clayton, MO

I think the name says it all with this one. New Day is a completely gluten free restaurant that features a cafe and bakery. They, also, ship their products Nationwide. Pictured above is the Italian Melt Sandwich with chips.  I cannot stop thinking about the bun, it almost tasted like real bread!!!! Everything I have gotten from here as always exceeded my expectations. Please check out their website for more information  Advertisements

Retreat Gastropub, Midtown, St. Louis, MO

Retreat Gastropub does not advertise their gluten free options but they have gluten free buns and a dedicated fryer for their amazing french fries. My go-to is the farmhouse burger because I cannot resist a fried egg. They, also, have GF crusts for their flatbreads but last time I was there the wait staff told me that they are not celiac safe because they cook them on the same surface as gluten crusts. As always, make sure to ask each time to ensure their fryer policies have not changed! For more information head over to their site