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A² | Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 

***Update: unfortunately A squared closed their doors on Monday October 10th check out their webpage for more information***** 
I have been trying to make my way to A²  (pronounced A- squared) for a few months now and I finally made it!!! This is one of the only completely gluten free restaurants in St. Louis city. They recently made Feast Magazine’s “15 Best Spots for Gluten-Free Dining in St. Louis.” I am excited to make my way through that list.

Sam and I decided to order a few things off the menu and share. This is our go-to when trying out new GF restaurants. Pictured above is the Washington Avenue Sandwich (Smoked Chicken, Cabbage salad, BBQ Mayo, and Mustard Aioli). I am not a mayo fan at all. I avoid it at all costs normally but I was intrigued by the BBQ flavor. I ended up LOVING this sandwich. The baguette was amazing. That being said, the chips were nothing special, lacked salt/flavor, and ours were a bit soggy with grease.

Our second order was the Spicy Spectacular Pizza pictured below. This was pepperoni, jalapeños, and red onion and came with a side of cilantro-lime dipping sauce. I really enjoyed the crust texture of this pizza. It was cooked perfectly, not too crunchy not too doughy. The dipping sauce was okay. The lime flavor was a little much but it definitely was not bad. They also have dairy free options too!!

FYI: it was hard to find a website/social media accounts for A². When you google search the restaurant it brings you to an old website that Audrey (the owner) told me they are no longer using and are transitioning to THIS website. However, the new one was not popping up for me anywhere.


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