Month: September 2016

Ace Pumpkin Hard Cider

Happy fall, y’all!! Even though it is 90+ degree in the city of St. Louis, we have officially transitioned to fall. And you know what that means??? PUMPKIN ERRRTHANG. Break out the PSL, flannel, and hayrides!!! My favorite fall themed beverage is Ace Pumpkin Hard Cider. I cannot wait to find it on tap and in stores soon!! I have absolute no issue with the sweetness of most ciders because I have an intense sweet tooth. However, this cider is definitely more on the spicy side and less sweet than their other varieties for those of you out there who are  not a fan of the sweetness! Check it out and let me know what you think!!! Advertisements

So Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream 

I’ve been eating a lot of dairy free ice cream lately. Not because I have to but because I’ve been given it by people who accidentally bought it and assumed I was also dairy free. But I never say no to free ice cream.  However, my absolute favorite dairy free vegan gluten free (that’s a mouthful) ice cream is So Deliciois coconut milk cookie dough. You guys, get out there and buy this ASAP. It’s to die for. There is so much chocolate and GIANT chunks of cookie dough. I’m in love.