Month: July 2016

Pi Pizzeria | St. Louis, MO and MORE

Yes, I do have more gluten free pizza for you. Want to know the best part? Not only does Pi has 4 locations in the St. Louis area BUT they have 1 in Washington D.C. and 1 in Cincinnati, OH. Check out their website HERE for the low down on all their locations and the full menu for each location. I’m greedy when it comes to my pizza toppings, so that’s why I tend to make my own. And they have plenty of options on the menu for any pizza lover from the veggie lover to the meat lover. As you can see from the first picture below, my boyfriend and I went for a carnivore make your own pizza this visit with about 4 different meats. The second pizza is one of their pre-made ones called the “Bucktown”. You really cannot go wrong here, people. The Hill and the Maplewood are all awesome choices from the STL locations, as well.  All the staff I have run across have been super friendly and knowledgable. I once …

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First look how amazing this pizza is and check out my post here for the best pizza crusts EVER. Second, I’d love to follow you on Instagram!!! So follow me @thesociableceliac then comment a 🍷on my most recent pic for a follow!!! I really want to start using my Instagram more frequently than I have in the past.