Month: June 2016

Quick Detour to the World of Cruelty Free

I have been slowly making my way through all my existing beauty products and replacing them with cruelty free products and I am looking for some suggestions on different brands. Listed below are a few of the items I have found that I love but I am looking for a face lotion with SPF, sunscreen, deodorant, and face wash plus any other products you love!  And of course, these are all gluten free. Soapbox Shampoo & Conditioner BeautiControl Makeup I use a lot of their products (my mom sells for them) from foundations to brow pencils. E.L.F. Cosmetics I would have to do an entire post to tell you all the ELF products I own. They have amazing products for really low prices. CeraVe I just their moisturized cream and their renewing SA cream for my eczema. Has anyone used this AM facial moisturized lotion or sunscreens? Another plus: they have $2 off coupons on their website! Advertisements

MYBREAD flatbread pita pizza

These are the real deal. I honestly don’t think I need to look for a different gluten free pizza crust ever again. The MYBREAD Flat Bread Pita made the most amazing and easy crust a celiac could ask for. The best part? It took 10 minutes at 450 degrees. Fast AND easy, that’s my favorite type of meal. I am not going to lie, this pizza was a throw whatever random things I could find on top kind of pizza but I’ll still give you the details. The sauce: Classico creamy alfredo pasta sauce The toppings: fresh garlic, diced onion, and baby spinach The cheese: mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino romano  

The Lona’s Obsession Continues

Decided to pick up Lona’s Lil Eats for take out last weekend with Sam and to try some new things on the menu. We are still obsessed. This time we both ended up getting the grilled steak wrap. They are famous for the wraps claiming they are the “original giant rice paper wraps” and let me tell you, they are not joking because this thing was MASSIVE. I ate it for three separate meals. I also got the chopped vinaigrette salad for my side. Their smoked vinaigrette is amazing! To learn more about Lona’s check out my first blog post about them.