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Aldi Live G Free Haul 

Finally decided to hop on the Aldi quarter cart bandwagon and try out some Live G Free products. I forgot to include the Double Chocolate Granola in the picture but I’ll be talking about that too. If I try any other products in the future, I’ll make sure to update you on them as well!

1. Spinach, artichoke, and kale stuff sandwich: ★★★★. Pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of kale so I was a little worried about these but the kale flavor was not very strong. Tasted like spinach artichoke dip stuffed in some bread.

2. Pepperoni Pizza stuffed sandwich: ★★★★★. I love these. They are so close to a hot pocket it’s like I never had to give up my unhealthy hot pocket obsession.

3. Plain wraps: ★★★★. I use these as wraps and fry them in a pan to use as tortillas. They are pretty good and the best “tortilla” option I’ve had yet. They don’t break when rolled which is a huge plus but they could still use some work.

4. Cinnamon Streusel muffin mix: ★★★★★. I wish they sold these all year around. These were very VERY vErY delicious and would recommend them if you can find them.

5. General Tso’s Chicken: ★★★★★★. Yes, you’re reading this right. 6 stars. My dad loved it so you know it’s good.

6. Jalapeño Jack ancient grain crackers: ★. Something tasted off with these and I ended up throwing most of the bag away.

7. Double Chocolate granola: ★★★★★. Very chocolatey (yay!) but not like your typical oat granola. Tasted like a chocolate rice flake cereal but was very good and I will probably eat like granola and with milk like cereal.



  1. The wrap doesn’t break apart when rolled?! What witchcraft is this?! HA! I’ve been searching for a tortilla that won’t crumble and break when I roll it. Thank you for that little note. Going to Aldi tomorrow now.


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