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Send Me Gluten Free | May

This is my last Send Me Gluten Free box from my 3-month subscription. I’m honestly very sad that this wonderful time in my life is coming to an end. But I will be back for them again soon (when I have more money and am not a broke graduate student).

1. Simply 7 Sea Salt Hummus Chips:★★★★★. Honestly these tasted like Funyuns to me but I loved them. 

2. Cosmos Creations Caramel Apple Crisps:★★★★. I really liked these but the flavor/consistency took a little while to get used to. 

3. Montana Monster Munchies Gluten Free Cookie: ★★★★★. Very strong pat and peanut butter flavor but super moist. Loved this cookie 

4. Fruit Bliss Organic French Agen Mini Plums:★★★★. I was very unsure about these at first but I actually enjoyed them more than I thought I would. Not the easiest to eat because of how sticky they are, though. 

5. KIND Popped Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt: ★★★★★. You already know my love for these. Check out my post on KIND bars.

6. NuNaturals NuStevia Natural Sweetener:

7. Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Baked Chewy Bar:

8. MopTop Daily Conditioner:




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