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Kayak’s by Kaldi Coffee | St. Louis, MO 

 I’ve been meaning to post about Kayak’s for months now but I keep eating my food before I remember to take a picture… Anyways, I love this place. It’s so close to my campus and work that I find myself in there more often than I should. They have a huge menu and most of their items can be made gluten free with a $1.50 up-charge for the GF bread (womp womp only downside). This place has amazing coffee as well. It’s the perfect environment to study, meet with friends, or grab a quick bite to eat. AND they have free wifi!

On my most recent trip, I stopped in for breakfast and got an orange, a strawberry smoothie, and a biscotti. All very delicious. I get their sandwiches and they are great about informing me on the cooking process. They do cook the food on the same surfaces but will put foil down per your request to help minimize cross-contamination. Thanks, Kayak’s!

Check out their full menu here. 


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