Month: April 2016

The Corner Pub & Grill | Valley Park, St. Louis, MO 

You know those restaurants with a story that just make you feel good and safe to eat at? Well Corner Pub & Grill is that place for me. The owner’s daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005 at the age of 7 and so all of his restaurant’s have gluten free menus. See my post about the Tavern. However, the Corner Pub in particular has its gluten free menu named after his daughter Hanna. Read more about their story here.  This is actually the second time I have been to the Corner Pub. The first time I got nachos and chili but Sam and I inhaled our food and didn’t get a picture. This time I made sure to get a picture because I have been dying to tell you all about this gem. Do you see those breaded chicken fingers??? They are amazing as they look. They have a dedicated fryer and they aren’t afraid to use it (so they say). I think the live up to that statement. I know not everyone loves …


I’ve officially had over 1,000 visitors on my blog. That makes me so happy I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally! As you know, I have no sponsors so I have nothing exciting to give away for this milestone on my blog but I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to read my ramblings. I really appreciate all of you! If you are new to my blog today or visit weekly, I would love you to post in the comments where you are from and a little about yourself so I can get to know my readers. I recently made an Instagram separate from my personal Instagram for my blog so please check that out @thesociableceliac  Thank you so much, Hayley

Lona’s Lil Eats | St. Louis, MO

First let me address the elephant in the room (picture): The can of Busch is my boyfriend Sam’s and even though he drank some gluten with our dinner, he really enjoyed his gluten free food. Lona’s Lil Eats’ menu is completely gluten free expect their dumplings and like 1 dish with a flour tortilla. However, they are known for their MASSIVE (seriously they are huge) rice paper wraps. But in typical Hayley fashion, I got something else. I got the Lona-Q Chicken. It consisted of grilled chicken, stir-fried glass noddles, and Lona-Q sauce. The sauce was similar to a sweet and spicy asian BBQ sauce and was amazingly good. All plates come with a side or salad so I opted for the chopped vinaigrette. Sam got the #1 5 Star platter which was basically everything on the menu, typical. We both loved this place and are planning to go again very soon. It had such a cute interior and patio seating outside. Check out their hours and menu here. 

Kayak’s by Kaldi Coffee | St. Louis, MO 

 I’ve been meaning to post about Kayak’s for months now but I keep eating my food before I remember to take a picture… Anyways, I love this place. It’s so close to my campus and work that I find myself in there more often than I should. They have a huge menu and most of their items can be made gluten free with a $1.50 up-charge for the GF bread (womp womp only downside). This place has amazing coffee as well. It’s the perfect environment to study, meet with friends, or grab a quick bite to eat. AND they have free wifi! On my most recent trip, I stopped in for breakfast and got an orange, a strawberry smoothie, and a biscotti. All very delicious. I get their sandwiches and they are great about informing me on the cooking process. They do cook the food on the same surfaces but will put foil down per your request to help minimize cross-contamination. Thanks, Kayak’s! Check out their full menu here. 

Send Me Gluten Free | April

It’s the most wonderful time of the month. My Send Me Gluten Free box has arrived and I am not going to lie to you guys, I tried 3 products the day I got the box. ~Research~  I was surprised to see 2 non-food items in this month’s box. This is not an issue for me because I love trying new beauty products as well but I was under the impression that it would always be food. 1. Milton’s Double Chocolate Cookies: ★★★★★. They had me at double chocolate. I really liked this cookie. They were chewy and had enough chocolate without being too sweet. 2. Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins: ★★★★★. This came with one men’s and one women’s vitamin pack. The men’s was covered in a sugar coating that I really enjoyed but both of the flavors were good and not too sticky or medicine tasting. 3. Chebe Sandwich Bun Mix: 4. The Better Chip Spinach & Kale:  ★★★★★. WOW. I was not expecting to like these. Dip these in some salsa and you’re golden.  …