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Send Me Gluten Free | March

HAPPY MARCH, Y’ALL! Time is seriously flying. The other night I came home to a wonderful surprise after my night class…. MY FIRST SEND ME GLUTEN FREE BOX!!! I was honestly so excited that I snapped some quick pictures and tore into it. If you haven’t heard of Send Me Gluten Free, it is a monthly subscription box that sends only gluten free goodies brought to us from the great people of Find Me Gluten Free. My wonderful boyfriend got me a 3 month subscription for Valentine’s Day. Shout out to the bae for knowing the real way to my heart. Sticking to my usual method, I am going to list out all the products that were included and rate them as I try them!

The orange envelope is filled with coupons.

Updated as of 3/16/16

  1. ProTings Chili Lime Baked Crisps: ★. Not. A. Fan. Weird flavor and super gritty consistency.
  2. Full Flavor Foods Turkey Gravy Mix:
  3. Free for All Kitchen Double Chocolate Gluten Free Brownie Thins: ★★★. Were they my favorite? No. Would I eat them again? Probably. 
  4. Aleia’s Coconut Macaroons: ★★★★★. These were the first thing I tried and it took a lot of self control not to eat every single one. It was a pretty good sized box, as well!
  5. Sunbutter Sunflower Butter Creamy: ★★★. Sort of tasted like what you’d expect a bunch of chewed up sunflowers to taste like.
  6. Love Grown Foods Super Oats, Chia, & Quinoa Apple Cinnamon Packet:
  7. KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt: ★★★★. I have talked about these before. I like them okay but I prefer the other KIND products over them.
  8. SOYJOY Baked Whole Soy & Fruit Bar: ★★★★. This was not what I was expecting it would be when I opened it but I would definitely eat it again. It was chocolaty and sweet.
  9. Vita five Daily Gummy Vitamin Pack: ★★★. Very chewy and sticky.
  10. Yum Earth Organics Gummy Bears: ★★★★★. I had these for halloween and they taste just like any other gummy product you could have but without all the major allergens.

As always, I have no sponsors so I can’t provide you with a fancy coupon code to get money off your first box or anything exciting like that but if you want to get a subscription of your own, check them out here.



    • You definitely should! There is also the option to purchase one box instead of a multiple month subscription if you just want to test the waters before committing to it!!


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