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Valentine’s Day | The Tavern | Central West End, St. Louis, MO

Oops, I did it again. I ate my food before I could get a picture and now you are left with some roses and Sam. This is starting to become a common theme, I apologize. We were hungry!!!

Sam and I decided to try out a new restaurant for Valentine’s Day. The Tavern has been on our list for a while now but it is over our normal price-point so we were saving it for something special. This place was great, super knowledgeable about their gluten free menu, but a warning the entrees did start around $30. Save up for something special and get your booties to the Tavern ASAP.

I ordered the Lemon Thyme prepared Scallops. Now before you all freak out, I know I have recently mentioned that I don’t like thyme… This was an exception because I really liked the other pairing with this dish. They have a great selection of seafood and four different ways each one can be prepared. They have suggestions with what goes best with each fish and for mine they suggested the sesame seared so obviously I chose something different. I’m not stubborn (yes, I am) but the sesame seared preparation had coconut thai curry. Thyme > Curry. Life of a picky eater with extreme dietary restrictions.

The Lemon Thyme comes with: sautéed spinach with bacon and onions, fingerling potatoes, charred and tomato vinaigrette. Bacon spinach won it over for me and the tomato vinaigrette could have been (was) eaten with a spoon.

Sam got the surf & turf trio which was also on the gluten free menu and looked amazing. He ate it in about 4 minutes flat so that should tell you how great it was!!

The Tavern has two locations, one in the Central West End and one in West County.


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