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KIND of a big deal | KIND bars 


KIND bars are my go-to breakfast, snack, on-the-go grab. There are so many kinds (lol) and flavors to choose from I can bet that you’ll find at least one you like. In the picture above there are several different varieties from the breakfast to the plus. 

My favorite are the healthy grains. Great size and not too chewy but also not too crunchy. These are just three of the many flavors I love of that variety. 

The breakfast bars ar smaller but there are two in each pack. I’ve tried a few of these and the blueberry ones are definitely my favorite and I actually don’t even like blueberries. 

I have mixed feelings about the PLUS bars. They have a great amount of protein and chocolate but they are almost too hard for me to enjoy eating. This one tasted mostly like nuts with a hint of chocolate and absolutely no peanut butter. 

I’d love to try out some new KIND bar flavors. Leave me a comment with your favorite flavors!! 


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