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Better Batter | Financial Aid Program

I just came across this awesome financial aid opportunity for people to get a little extra to help pay for their gluten free foods. Check out Better Batter’s website for more information. 

“Better Batter’s gluten free products are the product of a family just like yours. Founder Naomi Poe found the gluten free diet to be enormously helpful in her son Zion’s developmental delays. Better Batter Gluten Free Flour was created as a safe and convenient way of providing food that her sons could eat. Better Batter products are not only gluten and allergen free, but they also taste great. Even your non-gluten free friends and family won’t notice the difference!

We believe everyone should have the ability to eat healthy, enjoyable food. And gluten free foods are not always cheap. That’s why, as a part of your community, Better Batter is committed to offering special pricing to families with limited income, families with children with autism, college students and other households with extraordinary circumstances.

With Better Batter products, you can live without and not be missing out.”

Here is a link to the PDF application. 


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