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PW Pizza | St. Louis, MO 

The next stop on the quest to find the best GF Pizza in the St. Louis area is PW Pizza on Chouteau. This also gives me an opportunity to promote one of my favorite gluten free blogs because I found this gem on Kate’s blog Gluten Free Pearls. Kate has an awesome directory of restaurants in the MO, St. Louis, and Chicago areas. I love to reference it when going somewhere new. If you live in these areas or are ever visiting, I strongly recommend taking a look!

Okay, now back to pizza. I ordered the Buffalo pizza off of Wendy’s Fav’s. This included roasted garlic, olive oil, spicy chicken, red onion, monterey jack, mozzarella & ranch dressing. I am such a sucker for anything buffalo so this was the obvious choice for me.  The crust was pretty damn tasty, however, it was on the crunchy side. If you are into softer crusts this may not be the place for you. My only issue was that the toppings did not extend all the way to the outer edge of the pizza which left a lot of crust. Since this is my first time visiting, I am not sure if that is a normal thing or I just got a skimpier pizza than normal. The pizza was  much bigger than most gf pizzas at a whopping 12 inches and very reasonably priced.

There were so many other great sounding pizza’s so I cannot wait to go back and try them out!


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