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Hacienda |Webster Groves, St. Louis, MO

Mexican food is a go-to for most celiac’s, however, this picky celiac finds it really hard to go to Mexican Restaurants because I only ever want nachos and a dedicated chip fryer is hard to come by. But Hacienda’s in Webster Groves has you covered. They fry all of their homemade corn tortilla chips in dedicated fryers and it makes for one happy Hayley.

I was very hungry last night and ate my beef nachos before I could get a picture. Don’t you hate when that happens? They came with beef, jalapenos, refried beans, and of course CHEESE. I ordered a side of guac to go with it, as well. The one thing I will mention is that you should still tell your server that you have celiac/an intolerance when you order. They make sure to tell their kitchen staff to be extra cautious.

Another thing I love is that they have a dedicated gluten free menu at the restaurant that they give you instead of the full menu. I feel like this always makes the choice way easier than trying to comb through a huge menu with a few things I can eat on it with tiny little marks next to the safe items. The drinks are great, too!!

Anyone have other great Mexican Restaurant suggestions? Let me know!


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