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Drunken Fish | Central West End, St. Louis, MO

You should know by now that I love sushi. Drunken Fish has been a go-to sushi stop of mine since I went gluten free. There is such a great atmosphere and I always feel safe eating there. Pictured below is my normal order: edamame and a Philadelphia roll with rice paper. And of course they have gluten free soy sauce, a must-have if I’m going to go out for sushi.

They also have a super fun drink menu. I always love trying out new cocktails when I am there. They have quite an expansive menu to choose from, take a peak at it here.

There are several locations in the St. Louis area. The one I normally go to is the Central West End location but I think my boyfriend and I are going to start exploring some of the other locations too!

What’s your favorite type of sushi roll?


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