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One Redd’s and You’ll Be Dead*

*Maybe not dead but damn near close.

Sometimes a celiac just wants to get drunk. Cider, as I have mentioned before, is my go-to alcoholic drink. But I am starting to realize that the world may not completely understand what cider actually is or what other beverages do not classify as cider. I recently proclaimed myself the #CiderQueen on Twitter because an online news source about food published an article titled: The Definitive Ranking of 17 Hard Ciders, According to College Kids. One of the “ciders” that they ranked was Redd’s Apple Ale. Let’s take a second to define Ale: “an alcoholic beverage brewed especially by rapid fermentation from an infusion of malt with the addition of hops” (Merriam-Webster). If you avoid gluten for any reason you will see one word stand out and that word is MALT and malt is ~ b a d ~. I know that the audience of their article was not celiac’s or people who avoid gluten because of medical reasons, however, putting it out there that an ale is a cider can be harmful for people who do avoid gluten.

This has always been something that annoyed me and I know it is irrational because people are not educated on ales, ciders, gluten, omission beers, etc. But it is time to get educated, my friends. I have become the proper use of cider advocate making sure that people fully understand that although appley and yummy, Redd’s is unsafe for myself and anyone else who avoids gluten. If any of my friends are reading this right now and you haven’t been correcting people when they call Redd’s a cider: SHAME ON YOU. Kidding… Kind of.

If you still want more information on the Redd’s cider debacle please refer to the picture below. This has been taken directly from Redd’s website and I think they do a pretty great (and funny) job at showing that ales are in fact ales and not ciders. I have tried many ciders and I am going to fully live up to my self-proclaimed title as the Cider Queen by posting reviews of my favorite and not-so-favorite ciders so that all you out there can join me in my love for adult apple juice. 🍎👸🍺
 ~ Please drink responsibly ~ 


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