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Udi’s Breakfast Sandwich: What Did I Just Eat?! 

just look at those deceiving yummy biscuits that do not actually exist.

I was really craving a breakfast sandwich this morning and I remembered that Udi’s just started making some. I drove to my local Target to get some and treated myself to my first pumpkin spice latte of the season (#basic). I was very disappointed but first let me start off with how the sandwich looked before it was cooked. Some yellow that may be an egg, white layer that may be cheese, visible sausage, and what looks like bread-like circles on the outside. The box had yummy looking biscuits so I was thinking maybe these “biscuits” will puff up when heated. Spoiler alert: they didn’t. I cooked them exactly how the package told me to so I do not think I messed this up but you never know.

   uncooked sandwich

Below is what the sandwich looked like after I had microwaved it. Not much different, right? The sausage, egg, and cheese were actually pretty good. I think I may be eating the second one that came in the $6 box without the “biscuit”. The “biscuit” tasted like an oversized host to me. If you do not know what hosts are, they are the circular bread given at communion during Catholic church masses. That is the closest comparison I could give on the lack of flavor and texture of the “biscuits” and I’m not even sure if that is completely accurate. Regardless, I will not be buying these again unless the “biscuits” get a complete overhaul.

       cooked sandwich

Has anyone else tried these yet? Let me know what you thought!



  1. This is disappointing 😦 I was looking forward to trying one. I do love Amy’s gluten free breakfast burritos—try them if you haven’t yet!

    also, the pumpkin spice lattes are gluten free?!? I never knew that! Starbucks doesn’t post their allergy information online and I have been scared to go back after finding out their vanilla bean frappacino (my FAV) has malt in it and their chocolate chips contain wheat (who puts wheat in chocolate chips?!). If you know what is gluten free at Starbucks, I would be eternally grateful! ❤


  2. Brian says

    Can’t belive the biscuits looked like that, almost bought these the other week but couldn’t convince myself to cough up the $$$ for something that we thought would be disappointing. Thanks for saving us money in the future.


  3. Christine Kloss says

    My thoughts are the same as yours. I was very dissapointed!!!! The thin bread or whatever they are trying mimic is flat tasteless and blah. I prefer the new lean cuisine breakfast scramble (they are not labeled gluten free but don’t have any gluten wheat products). You cannot locate them on their website under product catalog so I wonder if the product is being pulled?

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  4. I was so excited about these, but found them less than stellar. So much that I may not even eat the second one! I cooked it exactly to the box’s specifications and found them overly salty, chalky, and rubbery all at the same time. It was all I brought for breakfast this morning, so I forced myself to eat the whole thing. Very disappointing and I won’t be buying it again!


  5. Daniela says

    These are actually pretty good and I buy the regularly. The trick is to toast the bread first and heat the the egg, sausage and cheese separate I cover mine to keep it moist.

    Let’s be honest here anything that has bread or dough doesn’t taste good microwaved. We are lucky to have so many options now and while they might not taste as good as the real thing we are lucky to have these options.

    Company’s could just not care at all and we could go back to not having any options but people always find it easier to complain than appreciate.


    • I completely agree that we are extremely lucky that so many companies are coming out with gluten free foods and I do appreciate that. However, there are plenty of companies that consistently put out great products and I do not believe Udi’s is one of them. I think Glutenfreeda, Aldi’s, and several other companies products’ that include microwaved bread/dough rival their non-gluten free counter parts.


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