Have you ever cried tears of joy at the grocery store? 

Because I just did. Okay so maybe I wasn’t full out crying but I will shamelessly admit there were tears of joy in my eyes after finding these at my local Schnuck’s. I’m so happy! I’ve been looking for these everywhere with no luck and almost purchased them from Amazon but they seemed a little pricy online.

In the store, the cheddar cheese 8 pack of individually wrapped snacks was $7.99 and the box of peanut butter was $2/6 or $3.99 each. However, I would pay much more because now I know how delicious they are. Hands down the best cracker I have had in two and a half years. If you’ve struggled to find a gf cracker that reminds you of your prior life you are not alone. I wish Lance would sell sleeves of just the crackers. Tastes exactly like a Ritz cracker; I want to eat the entire 2 boxes and then some!!

I really hope these start to become available all over the nation soon because we deserve these bad boys.


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