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The Old Spaghetti Factory | St. Louis, MO 

My love for the Old Spaghetti Factory started when I was a child because it was such a grand event to come across the river for dinner. And they give you free ice cream… What’s not to love about that?! Today, not much has changed. I love everything about this place from the cozy environment to the gluten free pasta and more. This place rocks and they really take care of this celiac. Their regular menu has all the gluten free information right on it. I don’t know about y’all but to me that’s a real win. Not having to ask for a separate menu makes me feel like a real person. They suggest you ask to see a manager before ordering anything revolving allergens and the manager told me they take gluten seriously. Lucky for everyone out there, it’s a chain restaurant! There are two locations in St. Louis but they also have a bunch more all over the nation! I hope those locations take care of Celiac’s the same way downtown does!

 I got the house salad with no croutons and let me just tell you the house salad here is one of my all time favorites. The creamy pesto dressing is similar to ranch and absolutely delicious. As my entrée I got the Mizithra cheese and browned butter pasta. This is one of the top selling dishes and rightfully so. Every meal comes with your choice of vanilla or spumoni ice cream. I always get the spumoni which is chocolate, pistachio, and cherry ice cream. It’s amazing. I wanted to take a picture of my ice cream too but then I forgot and ate it all, oops!

Sorry for how dark the picture is, part of the ambiance of the restaurant is the mood lighting. I tried to link their website so you guys could check to see if there are locations near you but it seems to be down. I’ll check back later and hopefully it is working by then!



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