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Crushed Red | Clayton, MO

Eating pizza is a luxury. Especially when you can eat it and not feel the slightest bit weird after. Last night I met up with some girls from my program for dinner. My friend suggested Crushed Red, I saw they had salads, and I didn’t feel like causing restaurant choice problems with new friends. (Sorry old friends, I will continue to be a brat about restaurants you choose if I cannot eat there happily because you love me and you’re stuck with me forever)

I was content with the salads until I dug deeper into the online menu and saw gluten free pizza. Gluten free pizza at restaurants is always an interesting experience that comes with a roller coaster of emotions. Most of the time I find that they cook the pizza directly on the surface that they cook the regular pizzas and my excitement about having pizza is crushed. Maybe someday the world will understand cross contamination. 

We got to Crushed Red and I did my normal asking of questions. The woman who took our order was awesome and honest about being unsure how the pizza is prepared and cooked so she brought me the chef. He was great and assured me that washed their hands, changed their gloves, used all new utensils, and then cooked the pizza on a fresh surface. I had to control my excitement, didn’t want to scare off my new friends. 😁

I ordered the 5 cheese pizza: extra virgin olive oil & garlic, goat cheese, feta, gorgonzola, Parmesan, & Crushed Red mozzarella blend with fresh basil. They are smaller half sized pizzas that came out to around $10 because there is an up-charge for the gluten free crust. I always find this super annoying and oppressive but I understand (and so does my wallet) that gluten free food is more expensive.

The pizza was great and I would recommend it to anyone gluten free or not. Where are everyone’s favorite GF pizza places around the world?


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