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Simply Balanced Pasta

I am the number one offender of “my eyes are bigger than my stomach”. You would think after all these years of making or taking too much food and not finishing it I would get the hint. I haven’t. Tonight was different though I made too much, I ate it all, and now I feel like I’m going to die. But at least that means that I loved what I made, right? I’ll keep telling myself that. 

Target’s Simply Balanced brand is one of my favorites for many reasons but the price is definitely one of them. Almost always on sale or on Target’s Cartwheel coupon app (if you don’t have Cartwheel yet what are you doing with your life?!?!). You can normally find a bag for less than $3! I really love the taste of their gluten free pastas too. They have 3 types!! THREE!!!! The Fusilli pictured above is my go-to, but they also have penne and spaghetti. This pasta also tends to keep together better rather than fall apart and get mushy like other pastas that I have tried.

Tonight’s dinner was simple partially because I am feeling lazy and partially because I’m having an allergic reaction to the universe and broke 3 (THREE!!!) bowls before I started cooking and just wasn’t feeling spending any more time in the kitchen.

All I did was make the pasta, add some butter, extra virgin olive oil, ground black pepper, garlic salt, and Parmesan cheese. Simple and easy but still tastes great.


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