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Because who doesn’t need toaster bags….

I fully admit that I made my Amazon toaster bag purchase on a complete whim when I saw someone posting about them on one of the several gluten free related Facebook pages I am following. Then they sat in my bedroom without being touched for a solid 2 months. I was thinking to myself, “Why do I need these?” “I am a broke graduate student, I don’t travel!” “I have my own dedicated toaster at home.”

But the other day I was putting my lunch in the communal refrigerator in Goldfarb, a building part of the WashU Brown School, and I saw the toasters. My heart was instantly filled with excitement and endless bagel opportunities. However, those feelings quickly turned sour when I realized that I couldn’t use the gluten-infested toasters. I came home with a heavy heart until I saw my toaster bags starting lovingly back at me from my bedroom shelf.

Sometimes your most sporadic purchases end up being beyond useful. I threw a bagel and toaster bag in my backpack and made myself a yummy Udi’s cinnamon raisin bagel for my morning class the next day and had no symptoms of cross contamination! Yay!


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