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Shichi (Seven) Sushi Bar | Belleville, IL

Sushi is a relatively new food for me. The first time I tried sushi was sophomore year at my sorority house and I literally cried I hated it so much. I’d like to think I’ve come a long way from sorority house sushi and crying. I’ve slowly been working my way into the sushi world since then. My boyfriend and I had a few favorite sushi restaurants in Champaign-Urbana, IL and we are on the hunt to find new favorites here in the greater STL area.

Belleville, IL is town located about 15 miles east of St. Louis. It’s a great town and just so happens to be where I grew up. The downtown area, in recent years, has exploded with awesome restaurants, bars, and shops. A favorite of mine is Seven. It’s technically two different restaurants, Seven and Shichi Sushi Bar but you can order off of either menu at both places. I’ve tried their sushi twice and didn’t have a single issue. They staff seems well informed about gluten and the medical necessity of a gluten free diet. I once had a server take my steak back (before I had the chance to eat it) because she wanted to check on the marinade since she forgot to mention that it may not be gluten free. They ended up making me an entirely new steak.  Anecdotes aside, my most recent visit was for their lunch special. They have a few awesome lunch deals that anyone in the area should check out. Two regular rolls and your choice of a soup or salad for $10.25!!!! Such a great deal. The house salad’s ginger dressing is not gluten free but they will substitute it for a different dressing at no extra cost. I got two Philadelphia rolls (my sushi go-to) and a salad with ranch dressing. I normally get the soy paper instead of seaweed because I like it better that way even with the up charge for the soy paper. Life is expensive when you’re gluten free and picky.   They even have gluten free soy sauce. I know that the picture above does not seem the most promising but I can assure you that both times I have gotten their sushi the soy sauce has been completely gluten free. Even if the presentation of their soy sauce is slightly sketchy, I highly recommend this place! Check out their full menu here.


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