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Birthday Celebration

 The 6th was my 22nd birthday and it was an awesome one at that. I spent the day with my boyfriend Sam and my family.   

Sam and I started our day off at Nora’s. It’s one of my favorites ever. I got the Layton which is roast beef, caramelized onions, and herb cream cheese. It comes with horseradish but I got it without because as you know I’m quite picky. I also got some chocolate chip cookies from New Day bakery. These cookies are seriously to die for. Sam opted for the non-gluten free Reuben sandwich. 

We then made our way over to the St. Louis zoo. I was so full from lunch that I didn’t check out the gluten free options there but I think I will in the future!! I love the zoo and I’m so happy it turned into such a beautiful day.   

The next stop on our agenda was grabbing a quick drink at Bar Louie in the Central West End. I got this amazing watermelon margarita. So refreshing after our long hot time at the zoo. 

Sam and I met up with my parents and my older brother for dinner at PF Chang’s. I have nothing but great things to say about our service and experience there this time and any other time we have gone since I went gluten free. I got my all time favorite Mongolian beef. Note the special plate for gluten free meals.   

We ended our night at Sub Zero Vodka Bar. This place has over 500 vodkas and so many martini and drink options. I went the dessert route with my drinks and got the chocolate covered strawberry which was Skyy Strawberry Vodka, Créme do Cacao, Godiva White Chocolate liqueur and the kiss goodnight which was 360º Organic Double Chocolate Vodka, heavy cream, Hershey’s Kiss. They even gave me a free bottle of vodka since it was my birthday!! I will definitely be making a trip back here to try their sushi and to taste more of their awesome cocktails. 


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