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Busch Stadium | St. Louis

No matter if you are young and single or have a family, going to the ballpark is always fun but can be a challenge when you are trying to feed (and hydrate) a celiac or person with a gluten intolerance. I have been seeing more and more posts about awesome gluten free options at ballparks all over America so I thought I would do a little research on my ballpark, Busch Stadium, in St. Louis, Missouri. I looked online at their website and found where the stand with gluten free options was located. You can find that list here. 


I have not been to a Cardinal’s game since I went gluten free so I was excited for the night. However, I am very glad that I ate before I went to the game because I would have been very hungry. I went on a journey across the stadium from my seats to the Farmer’s Market area where they claimed to have some gluten free options. The gluten free item was a small to medium sized deli style sandwich that the man who was working the stand had no idea what was on it and said “it looks like some meat, cheese, and veggies.” Not worth the $9.50 when I was more curious than hungry. My next stop was a concession stand to ask if I could get a hotdog without a bun. The man at the counter gave me the craziest look and said “honey all our hotdogs touch the buns.” Has anyone out there eaten the mysterious gf Busch Stadium sandwich? And if so, how was it?

My boyfriend Sam, my cousin David, and myself all enjoying the baseball game and our drinks. 

That being said there are Dip ‘n’ Dots, ice cream stands, popcorn, and the other gf options listed on the website. I am not sure about the nachos at the stadium, which I feel may be safe to assume that they are gf if they come pre-packaged (I would still ask to see the ingredients to be sure they are corn) and not fried but I did not get that far. I was feeling defeated and hot so I stopped my research after the man told me about his buns.  The one thing I was able to get was alcohol (no shocker there, beer and baseball go perfectly together). They have Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider (one of my favorites) and they also have Redbridge which is a completed gluten free beer brewed with sorghum.


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