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Angry Orchard Strawman Farmhouse Hard Cider

I love my hard cider. I know that they are sugary and contain a ton of calories but I don’t care because they make me happy. Last Thanksgiving I had 1750 calories from Hard Cider alone and I don’t regret it one bit. Recently, I have been branching out and trying new ciders whenever I see them. I have my favorites and ones that I don’t like too much either but it is always fun for me to try something new. This week it was Angry Orchard’s Strawman Farmhouse Hard Cider. It comes from their Cider House collection that also includes Iceman and The Muse, which I cannot wait to find and try.

I am no alcohol aficionado and I am not going to try to impress you with words I googled to sound like I know what I am talking about when it comes to describing alcohol so I will enlighten you with a little blurb from the Angry Orchard website about this cider:

Strawman combines a distinct blend of juices from traditional culinary and bittersweet apples, which is then aged on oak. The result is a full-flavored, complex, and balanced cider with wine-like characteristics, rounded out by apple and citrus notes.

I’ll be frank, I loved this cider. Angry Orchard described it as having wine-like characteristics, which is pretty spot-on. The champagne-eqsue bottle was also really fun to open. Before tasting it I figured it would be similar to a sweet wine, however it was dry and somewhat bitter and I really enjoyed it.  I know that sweetness is a big thing for many people in my life when it comes to ciders and many times they feel as if ciders are too sweet and this one definitely is not. I will definitely be purchasing Strawman again and hope his companions Iceman and The Muse will be along for the ride as well.

Side note: this cider packs a punch at 10% ABV so please drink responsibly. 


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