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Nora’s | Dogtown, St. Louis, MO

 If you’ve never been to Nora’s I need you to stop what you’re doing immediately and go now. (But not actually because they are closed this weekend and not open on Mondays) However, I do swear by this place. It may be because it’s the first place I ate out at after my diagnosis. My aunt has been a celiac for around 20 years and she took me here one afternoon to talk about my new diet and to support me through the difficult time. Or it could be because of how amazing their food is. I’m a huge fan of the hangover club, which admittedly I could use about three right about now. Yikes. If you click the picture of the menu below it will take you to their website where you can get even more information and the full menu. 

If you’re wanting to try it out make sure you have plenty of time. Nora’s has indoor and outdoor seating but the place is not big and seats are limited. I’ve waited 45+ minutes for a sandwich before but I’d wait even longer if I had to. Anyone ever been here before? What is your favorite sandwich?!


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